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The Black Eagle Fuel Enhancer eliminates contaminant particles, water and bacteria through a chemical dehydration, adsorption and purification process. 

The elimination of contaminants, vapours and humidity prior to injection of the fuel into the engine combustion chamber prevents fuel injector deposit that reduces efficiency of the combustion process and can cause costly failures. Preventing these failures may also increase vehicle control and prevent unsafe situations. 

Through purification and refinement, the fuel increases its calorific value and stability, which results into a more efficient combustion process. Additionally, using the purified fuel eliminates fuel injector deposit, which improves spray characteristics, again resulting in a more efficient combustion process.

By improving the quality of hydrocarbons mixtures and eliminating contaminants, vapours and humidity, a higher efficiency fuel will be injected into the engine combustion chamber, which results in increased engine power. This provides the driver with improved control of the vehicle.

Eliminating contaminants and humidity from fuel, and improving injector spray characteristics due to reduced contaminant deposits, results into cleaner emissions. The black smoke that results from bad quality fuel significantly decreases or disappears.

The Black Eagle Fuel Enhancer uses a chemical process to purify and enhance fuel, which does not require fuel additives. 

The fuel enhancer device can be easily installed in the fuel system by a qualified mechanic. Its placement is between the fuel tank and fuel filter, prior to the injector system. An installation manual is provided with the product.

Black Eagle Standard Fuel Enhancer family

Patented in USA

Applications of Black Eagle Fuel Enhancer


  • Up To 30% Fuel Saving
  • Up To 95% Lower Emissions
  • Up To 25% More Power