Key Installation Steps


Locate and prepare the optimal location where the fuel enhancer(s) can be fixed to the chassis, completely vertical and without touching moving parts of the equipment. It is recommended for the distance of the hose between the Fuel enhancer and the engine not to be longer than 80 cm.


Identify the arrows on the Fuel Enhancer device to determine how to connect to the fuel hose (“in” = fuel inlet, “out” = fuel outlet). Connect the incoming fuel hose and fuel hose extension, while leaving the output pipe unplugged.


Purge the Fuel Enhancer device; allow two liters of fuel to flow (turn the ignition key without starting the engine for 7/8 seconds) and discard the fuel. Note that it is normal that after completion of the purging process the fuel leaving the fuel enhancer may still have a different color.


Connect the fuel pipe outgoing from the Fuel Enhancer

    • In case of Gasoline engine or for diesel engines where the Fuel Enhancer is installed behind the existing fuel filter (due to location): Install a fuel filter for injection (for additional safety) between the Fuel Enhancer and the engine.
    • Diesel engine with Fuel Enhancer installed before the existing fuel filter: Connect the hose to the filter input prior to the fuel injectors.


  • The installation should always be completed by a qualified mechanic.
  • Ensure that the fuel line and Fuel Enhancer are installed at safe distance from the exhaust manifold, and any other parts that can generate heat, friction or movement.
  • The Fuel Enhancer should be installed prior to the fuel filter. Whenever the Fuel Enhancer is installed behind the existing fuel filter (due to its location), an additional fuel filter should be installed between the Fuel Enhancer and the engine for additional protection.
  • The Fuel Enhancer device cannot be used in mixed Petrol-Oil Engine vehicles
  • Once installed, the device cannot be changed from a diesel to a gasoline engine and vice versa.
  • The device must be placed in fully upright position, with maximum inclination of 5%.
  • For the use in large engines two devices must be placed together, one following the other. The length of the connection between the devices must be inferior to 80 cm. The devices must be purged one at the time, prior to connection to the injector system.