Increase the Calorific Value of Fuel

Black Eagle Fuel Enhancers purify fuel through two phases of chemical treatment that eliminate contaminants and enrich the mix of hydrocarbons.

This improves both the quality of the fuel and the efficiency of the combustion process, leading to reduced fuel consumption.

Prevent the Creation of Internal Deposits

Contaminants like sulphur, water, bacteria and heavy hydrocarbons create deposits inside your engine that lead to higher fuel consumption.

Fuel Enhancers eliminate contaminants and reduce deposit creation. This leads to improved injector spray patterns and better fuel economy.

Fuel Enhancers are Easily Installed

The Fuel Enhancer comes with clear instructions and is generally installed within 30-45 minutes by a qualified mechanic. 

The installation does not modify the structure of the engine and the fuel enhancer work for at least 250,000 kilometres.

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* Free Trial Campaign directed to Fleet Owners in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Conditions apply and will be communicated.  

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