Black Eagle Fuel Enhancer

Unique engine protection against fuel contaminants like dissolved water, bacteria, contaminants such as sulphur and heavy hydrocarbons.

Customer Reviews

It took us 7 years to develop, test and patent the fuel enhancers. Since then, we have installed over thousand of them on different types of vehicles.

In the same day of installing the fuel enhancer in a Claas Jaguar 900 Harvester, the engine power improved by 20-25%, increasing the speed in a heavy barley chopping application.
Fabian Perroni
So far I am totally fascinated, my car has changed in an amazing way. It has much more power, consumes much less and I can see the pollution is almost zero. At 120 km/hour on the road I did 300 km with 12 liters, before I did it with 20 liters. I used to do it with 20 liters. Thanks Black Eagle. Excellent product!!!!!
Julio Herrera Vidal
With the Fuel Enhancer the engine is much more powerful and needs less throttle to reach an acceptable speed. It improved fuel economy around 20%. I have the same enhancer installed over three years, first in a 1.9 diesel Panda van and second in a Peugeot Partner with 1.6 HDI engine. So far it has given me extraordinary results.
Javier Natales
Buenos Aires