Better Fuel!

Better Performance!

Your ULTIMATE engine protection against water, bacteria, organic waste and asphaltenes

Contaminants reduce your engine performance!

Fuels contain contaminants like water, bacteria and distillation residues, which create deposits inside your engine. 

This leads to higher fuel consumption, harmful exhaust emissions, and engine failure.

Protect your engine from internal deposit creation!

Black Eagle Fuel Enhancers purify fuel through two phases of chemical treatment, which prevents deposit creation and improve injector spray patterns.

Your fuel economy and engine power will remain optimal for the next 250,000 kilometers, while your maintenance costs reduce.

The Fuel Enhancers are easily installed!

The Fuel Enhancer comes with clear instructions and is generally installed within 30-45 minutes by a qualified mechanic. 

The installation does not modify the structure of the engine.

Enjoy a unique and innovative product from a trusted source!

The patented Fuel Enhancers are developed by our Biological Chemical Engineer to complement traditional Water Separators and Fuel Filters.

They are thoroughly tried and tested by hundreds of customers.

Black Eagle standard family transparent

Select the right model for your engine!

Applications of Black Eagle Fuel Enhancer


  • Significant Fuel Savings
  • Visible Emissions Reductions
  • More Stability and Engine Power